Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2014 Issue, Table of Contents

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Relationships between stressful life events, psychological distress and resilience among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal adolescents (4-15) Jacinthe Dion, Jennifer Hains, Isabelle Daigneault, and Pierre McDuff PDF
Responding to intimate partner violence: Child welfare policies and practices (16-28) Kristina Nikolova, Barbara Fallon, Tara Black, and Kate Allan PDF
Dating violence among child welfare-involved youth: Results from the Maltreatment and Adolescent Pathway (MAP) Longitudinal Study (29-36) Masako Tanaka, and Christine Wekerle PDF
Academic buoyancy and mattering as resilience factors in Chinese adolescents: An analysis of shame, social anxiety, and psychological distress (37-45) Gordon L. Flett, Chang Su, Liang Ma, and Lianrong Guo PDF
Factors associated with resilience in preschoolers reporting sexual abuse: A typological analysis (46-58) Martine Hébert, Rachel Langevin, and Florence Charest PDF
Integrating mindfulness skills training into a brief outpatient treatment for substance abusing youth (59-70) Lisa C. Vettese, Alexandra J. Fiocco, Katherina M. Yerro, Sana Imran, and Wing Ling Li PDF

Brief Report

Child welfare investigations involving exposure to intimate partner violence: Case and worker characteristics (71-76)

Barbara Fallon, Tara Black, Kristina Nikolova,Sarah Tarshis, and Stephanie Baird PDF

Book Review

Helander, E. (2011). Lost lives: The pandemic violence against children. Stockholm, Sweden: Academic Press Lund, Sweden (77-80)

Yashna Vaidya and Rhea D’Costa PDF