Volume 4, Number 1, 2016 Issue

Full Issue [PDF, 1MB]

Resilience in Canadian Indigenous Youth: A Scoping Review (4-32) Elaine Toombs, Kristy R. Kowatch and Christopher J. Mushquash PDF
Evolution over a year of individual protective factors in preschool victims of sexual abuse (33-47) Rachel Langevin, Martine Hébert PDF
Violence and Resilience: A Scoping Review of Treatment of Mental Health Problems for Indigenous Youth (48-63) Alexandra S. Drawson, Carolyn Houlding, Peter Braunberger, Erica Sawula, Christine Wekerle, and Christopher J. Mushquash PDF
“The lie is that it’s not going to get better”: Narratives of resilience from childhood exposure to Intimate Partner Violence (64-76) Angelique Jenney, Ramona Alaggia, and Mark Niepage PDF
Examining the Impact of Policy and Legislation on the Identification of Neglect in Ontario: Trends Over-Time (77-90) Barbara Fallon, Nico Trocmé, Jane E. Sanders, Karen M. Sewell, and Emmaline A.L. Houston PDF
Mattering as a Unique Resilience Factor in Chinese Children: A Comparative Analysis of Predictors of Depression (91-102) Gordon L. Flett, Chang Su, Liang Ma, and Lianrong Guo PDF
Interpersonal Personality Vulnerabilities, Stress, and Depression in Adolescents: Interpersonal Hassles as a Mediator of Sociotropy and Socially Prescribed Perfectionism (103-121) Gordon L. Flett, Douglas H. Schmidt, Avi Besser, and Paul Hewitt PDF
Child Maltreatment, Altered Self-Capacities and Resilience: Testing a Moderated Mediation Model of Depression Symptoms and Alcohol Problems in Emerging Adulthood (122-142) Abby L. Goldstein, Joyce Y. Zhu, Danielle Kofler, and Christine Wekerle PDF
The Intersection of Child Custody Disputes and Child Protection Investigations: Secondary Data Analysis of the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect (CIS-2008) (143-157) Tara Black, Michael Saini, Barbara Fallon, Sevil Deljavan, Ricardo Theoduloz, and Michael Wall PDF