Volume 5, Number 1, 2017 Issue

Full Issue [PDF, 1MB]

Peer Victimization in Sexually Abused Children: The Mediating Role of Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms (4-19) Amélie Tremblay-Perreault, Laetitia Mélissande Amédée and Martine Hébert PDF
A Review to Identify Gaps in Research and Service Delivery for Substance Use Prevention among At-risk Adolescents Involved in Child Welfare System: The Promises of Targeted Interventions (20-39) Hanie Edalati, and Patricia J. Conrod PDF
Schools Reporting Child Welfare Concerns in Ontario (40-52) Jessica Carradine, Betsy Milne, Barbara Fallon, Tara Black, and Bryn King PDF
Health Service Use of Sexually Abused Adolescents Aging Out of Care: A Matched-Cohort Study (53-66) Isabelle Daigneault, Tonino Esposito, Catherine Bourgeois, Martine Hébert, Ashleigh Delaye, Jean-Yves Frappier PDF
Brief Report: The Role of Technology in Evidence-informed Practice: Uniting the Human and the Digital in Child Welfare (67-72) Kristen Lwin, Julia Wedeles, and Eavan Brady PDF
Brief Report: Data Sharing and Resilience: Turning Lemons into Lemonade (73-77) Laura Schwab-Reese, and Scottye Cash PDF