Volume 6, Number 1, 2019 Issue

Full Issue [PDF, 1MB]

Introduction: IJCAR / RIREA Regular Issue of 2019 (4-7) Isabelle Daigneault, Editor-in-Chief PDF
A Comprehensive Review of Core Resilience Elements and Indicators: Findings of Relevance to Children and Youth (8-18) Linda Liebenberg, and Natacha Joubert PDF
Resilience Portfolios and Poly-Strengths: Identifying Strengths Associated with Wellbeing after Adversity (19-35) Caroline Moisan, Martine Hébert, Myléne Fernet, Martin Blais, and Laetitia Melissande Amédée PDF
Ten Answers Every Child Welfare Agency Should Provide (36-44) Barbara Fallon, Mark Kartusch, Joanne Filippelli, Nico Trocmé, Tara Black, Parlin Chan, Praveen Sawh, Nicolette Joh-Carnella PDF
#ChildMaltreatment and Technology (45-51) Scottye J. Cash PDF
Self-Compassion as a Compensatory Resilience Factor for the Negative Emotional Outcomes of Alcohol-Involved Sexual Assault among Undergraduates (52-69) N.J. Strickland, C. Wekerle, I.L. Kehayes, K. Thompson, K. Dobson and S.H. Stewart PDF
“Make Resilience Matter” for Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence Project: Mobilizing Knowledge to Action Using a Research Contributions Framework (70-86) Ramona Alaggia, Sarah Morton and Cathy Vine PDF